Query: Menus and Function Name for a Particular Responsibility

This Query provides the details about menus, sub menus and function attached to a particular responsibility. This will drill down to all the sub menus and provide the details.

  1. R_lvl is a sequence number which starts with Parent Menu Level and drills down to child menu
  2. ROW_NUM is sequence number for sub menus.
  3. Seq is a sequence number as per the Oracle Apps.


  1. Comment by Pawan:


    • Comment by oraclecafe:

      Hi Pawan,
      Sorry for the inconvenience. Query over thier is correct. Problem was due to (span id=”IL_AD4″ class=”IL_AD”) which is getting inserted.
      I have updated the post to remove the same.

  2. Comment by Pawan:

    This query giving an error…not working..plz provide another query which is working

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